NorthWest Business Bark

Topanga Canyon North

This site offers a wide range of configurations within the three buildings. The site offers very functional small to medium size Office units that range between 550 thru 2,000 sq ft. These units are located on ground or on the second floor. The site also offers very unique second floor Mezzanine units that offer a private entry, spacious office areas and feature independent balconies with a great view.

Naturally, the site also offers a variety of quality Light Industrial with Office space. The units range between 2,300 thru 2,900 sq ft and are equipped with either 2 to 3 offices. The warehouse heights range between 18' and 23'.

9520 Topanga Canyon Blvd
Unit #: 201
Unit Size: 565 sq ft
Building Type: Office
Offices: Single Flex Space Office
Unit Features
9560 Topanga Canyon Blvd,
Unit #: 100
Unit Size: 785 sq ft
Building Type: Office
Offices: Two Private Offices + Reception
Unit Features